History of BECC

The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (BECC) was founded in 1996 as the British-Estonian Business Forum. The name was changed to Chamber of Commerce in November 1999.

The Chamber is run by the Management Team and a board consisting of nine members, who come from various backgrounds of businesses and can therefore provide BECC with a wide range of knowledge, especially for a newcomer to Estonia.

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The Chairmen of the BECC:

1999-2000 Chris McLean

2000-2001 Kevin Probert-Ehaver

2001-2002 Martin Dungay

2002-2003 Phillip Marsdale

2003-2004 Phillip Marsdale

2004-2005 Phillip Marsdale

2005-2006 Märt Haamer

2006-2007 Märt Haamer

2007-2008 Märt Haamer

2008-2009 Paul Taylor

2009-2011  Phillip Marsdale

2011-2012  Ardi Roosimaa

2012-2015 James Oates

2015- 2015 Leo O’Neill

2015-2016 Richard Barnwell

2016-… James Oates