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16.11, 19:00

Pikk  13

Price: Free

Making a good life with the Estonian trading company that celebrated its 300th birthday ... in 1933.

Thomas Clayhills & Son.


The Clayhills, a Scottish family, made their way to Tallinn in the late 17th century and built a company that among other things ended up owning 19 ships, a cement factory and real estate across the country.


We focus on the building they bought in 1729 - Pikk 13, because that’s where Clayhills Gastropub is today and that's where we’ll be gathering on the 16th of November.


What once used to be one of the first merchant stores in Tallinn, is now Estonia's first Gastropub - which originally came from the UK.


In the best rules of gastropubs, the menu is written on a giant blackboard and every day they serve fresh fish from the local market along with the best of Estonian pork, lamb and beef.


Clayhills is all about enjoying good food, live music and life.


And so we ask, what makes a good life?


Research leads us to believe it’s social connections. And not the amount of them, but the quality.


Good life is built with good relationships.


And Clayhills is a great place for building just that - good relationships and a good life.


The general theme for the evening is how to make your life a masterpiece.

This event series brings together interested people in a relaxed atmosphere. You can talk business, but don't mention your own.

We gather at 19:00. There is no dress code, no event fee and you're advised to be yourself. But do keep in mind this is a business event. 

The first 30 drinks are on the house. 

And every story is priceless.

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