Art of Conversation

Rediscovering a long-lost art with a drink and the practice of seamless conversation

As we take on the streets of Tallinn with this monthly gathering, we seek to uncover places with a story. So that you could  share your own. 

The connections we share on a human level are some of the most valuable experiences and assets we have the opportunity of gathering. And that is the essence of this event series:

The stories people carry around within themselves and us finding out about what they are. It's about striking that fine balance of give and take. Listening, relating and sharing. 

After all, we want to do business with people who listen to what we have to say, relate to us and share things in common with us. We don't want to work with their business cards.


Because business is about people. And people who are interested in others are interesting themselves. 

This event series brings together interested people in a relaxed atmosphere. You can talk business, but don't mention your own.

We gather once a month at 19:00. There is no dress code, no event fee and you're advised to be yourself. But do keep in mind this is a business event. 

The first 30 drinks are on the house. 

And every story is priceless.

© 2020 by The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

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