Charity and Scholarships

Charity and Scholarships

The BECC's 

charity partners 2020

- MTÜ Janno Puusepa Fond (Janno Puusepa Fond) which provides aid to people who suffer from incurable diseases, primarily from cystic fibrosis and ALS 

- The Estonian Food Bank (Toidupank), which gives free food support to people living in poverty. In Estonia are 14 food banks who offer food to every week 10,000 people. 

- Naiste Tugi- ja Teabekeskus MTÜ (Naiste Tugi- ja Teabekeskus), which has been actively working on the field of elimination violence against women and girls since 2002. They run 2 women's shelters and help survivors all around Estonia.

The British Estonian Chamber of Commerce has worked with a wide range of charity partners since 2002 and each year selects projects and partners to support. We invite applications from funding from Estonian-registered charities for support in the range of 500€ - 5000€. We prefer applications for stand-alone projects and projects for which BECC funding is clearly earmarked. 

What we do?

Since 2002 The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce has been supporting different charity projects. In the last years we have supported organisations such as Estonian Cystic Fibrosis Society with the purchase of electronic inhalers as well as a respiratory vest for children battling this disease and NPO Audiere with an audiology scholarship at the Manchester University.

Alongside charity projects the British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce also provides scholarships to 1-2 outstanding Tallinn University of Technology students to help them achieve their educational aspirations in Master’s or Doctoral programmes.

You can make your contribution to BECC Charity Fund in LHV to bank account: EE037700771003195678, beneficiary:  Briti Eesti Kaubanduskoda

Kickz Programme

One of the projects that the BECC supported in 2014 was SPIN programme – a youth-oriented cause based on the Kickz programme model popular in the UK. The goal of the programme is to prevent and tackle youth crime and other social problems using sports as a tool and provide the youth in high risk areas with constructive pastime and create routes to education, training and safe adult life.

NGO Oma Pere

Another organisation that the BECC supported in 2014 was NGO Oma Pere. They offers different services to help children in need of parental care and the people who want to adopt children. Financial aid from the BECC will help them to create a website that is up-to-date and trustworthy and covers all the needs of their target audience.

BECC Bachelor Level Scholarship

Veiko Niinemäe received the BECC Bachelor level scholarship in 2014. Veiko takes interest in finance as well as IT systems development and is planning to continue his studies in Master’s programme.

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My Dream Day Foundation

In 2013 we supported My Dream Day Foundation (Minu Unistuste Päev) – an organisation dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of severely and chronically ill children.

Estonian Scouts Association

In 2013, a donation cheque was also handed over to Estonian Scouts Association to help them organise “The World Begins Within” jamboree for more than 500 scouts from Estonia and foreign countries.

BECC Master's Level Scholarship

2013 BECC scholarship laureate was Triin Ahlberg, who embarked on a Master’s degree in finance and accounting at the Tallinn University of Technology.

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Have an idea for charity or a scholarship?

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