Estonians first used saunas to survive in the harsh Northern European landscape and now use them for fun and relaxation. 

As more people discover Estonia, more people want to visit Estonian saunas. Anni and Adam, the founders of Estonian Saunas, know that can be quite difficult though - gym and hotel saunas aren't very authentic, public saunas aren't that welcoming, and don't even ask about those '24 hour saunas' in Tallinn!


The truth is that the best saunas are either inside Estonian homes (but it takes a while to get an invite) or in the countryside (but most visitors don't leave Tallinn).​ So they created Estonian Saunas (inside an Estonian sauna) to  introduce more people to Estonian sauna culture.

Anni and Adam run Estonian Saunas in their spare time and have self-financed the company.


When not visiting saunas, Anni works as a Green Building Specialist at Bionova to help companies calculate the environmental impact of their designs, while Adam serves as Chief Evangelist for Estonia's e-Residencyprogramme and helps people start location-independent companies (not necessarily inside a sauna).

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