Annual General Meeting

This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place on the 3rd of April, from 16:00-17:30.

The general meeting is summoned by the managing board, is held at least once a year and is led by the chairman of board.

Location: Merchant's House Hotel, Dunkri 4/6, Tallinn, Estonia

The AGM elects new board members for the British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and confirms the Annual Financial Report of 2018.


16:00-16:10 - Gathering and registration

16:10-16:15 - Opening of the AGM

16:15-16:25 - Approval of Articles of Association

16:25-16:55 - Election: Board members

16:55-17:05 - 2018 Annual Financial Report

17:05-17:15 - Upcoming events and plans for 2019

17:15-17:30 - Closing of the AGM

Board elections:

This AGM will elect up to 9 board member positions to be filled this year, for a mandate of 2019-2021.

To run for the above mentioned positions, please send your CV and letter of motivation to until 25.03.2018

Any member of the BECC may participate and vote in the general meeting. In the case of a legal person, a representative from the company’s board will vote. A member of the BECC may transfer the right to vote to a representative on the basis of a written authorisation. The authorised representative can be an employee of the company, another member of the BECC or the manager of the general meeting. Every member of the BECC has one vote.

The Annual General Meeting has the competence to make decisions when it includes or represents 35 (thirty five) members of the British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

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