Art of Conversation:Sazerac

07.03, 19:00

Väike-Karja 8

Price: Free

The story of an elegant cocktail that changed the atmosphere of Tallinn’s Old Town, as curious business leaders come together and chat alongside classical drinks.


When starting up Sazerac in Tallinn, the founder had a specific vision of how the bar should represent the historical nature and the fine art of the cocktail culture.

He built Sazerac to offer people an opportunity to feel appreciated, a place where specific tastes, moods and details are put into the drink based on the feeling the bartender gets of you. Surely makes you want to behave...


The most important details are the smallest when put into motion - some bitters and all of the syrups are hand-made locally in the house, along with freshly squeezed juices and a lot of magic on this narrow street in the Old Town.


When the idea came to mind in the winter of 2015, it was important that people in there would be comfortable, it should be a place to go to with friends. Along with that idea, it was also necessary to provide top-quality cocktails for the guests, to honour the classical cocktails and traditions of the cocktail culture.


Just as any great person you’ve ever heard of had a bigger picture in their mind to build upon, Sazerac was founded as a place where people would feel comfortable talking to their friends or even better, making new ones. Because human interaction and their quality is what makes us value life.


Visionaries, who start with “why”, are the ones who achieve a great many things and see the world from their own angle. And what is the purpose of starting with why? It helps us keep track of our vision and not lose hope of it ever being accomplished, as life will occasionally throw rocks on our paths.


No matter the size of the vision, be it small or big, the most important factor is that you believe in it and never stop working to achieve it. You should visualise what is coming as if there was no other future waiting.

The general theme for the evening is how to put things into perspective.

This event series brings together interested people in a relaxed atmosphere. You can talk business, but don't mention your own.

We gather at 19:00. There is no dress code, no event fee and you're advised to be yourself. But do keep in mind this is a business event. 

The first 30 drinks are on the house. 

And every story is priceless.

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