Art of Conversation:

Kreutzwald Hotel - Library Lounge

07.02, 19:00

Endla 23

Price: Free

Leaving behind a legacy for the future with the man that gave Estonia its national epic - Kalevipoeg.

Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald


Kreutzwald, who is also referred to as the father of national literature, has first hand experience in leaving behind a legacy and with this month’s Art of Conversation, we gather in a place that takes that forward.


Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn, which is part of the Unique Hotels group, values their people and guests as unique individuals. Because we are all different in our own ways. Von Stackelberg knew that as well, when he took Fr. R. Kreutzwald under his care during his schooling period in the 19th century.


When looking towards the future, we naturally wish to leave it off better than what we arrived to. A key part of it, is consistency and making it part of your lifestyle.


That is where Unique Hotels come in best - their sites are different from each other, granting you the freedom to find a match between your own lifestyle and the nature of the hotel.


If you are a person looking to achieve a great amount of things, then look for inspiration from a man who was a writer, translator, publicist, educator of the people, a doctor and a central figure in the local cultural life.


When we look forward to building a better future, it is useful to take a look back every now and then. Because those before us were as eager as we are to make the future better off than what they received.

The general theme for the evening is how can we leave behind a legacy that in the future will still be regarded noteworthy.

This event series brings together interested people in a relaxed atmosphere. You can talk business, but don't mention your own.

We gather at 19:00. There is no dress code, no event fee and you're advised to be yourself. But do keep in mind this is a business event. 

The first 30 drinks are on the house. 

And every story is priceless.

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